Do It Yourself – 4 Steps To Copycat Restaurant Recipes

Eid ul-Fitr is the festival that marks the end of ‘Ramadan’- the Islamic holy month of fasting. On this grand festival, Muslims dress themselves in attractive new apparels, visit mosques to attend Eid prayers. Each of them greet each and enjoy the festival at fullest spirit. Special Eid dishes such as Biriyani, Badam Firni, Sufi Malpua etc are cooked on this grand day. However, if you are missing your mother, sister, wife or other close ones then you can enthrall them by sending fabulous Eid gifts to India.

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Try Cooking stock ahead of time and freezing it. It is always handy to have chicken, beef, or vegetable stock handy when you are boiling vegetables or want to make a quick soup. It is also easier this way because it is less mess the day you are having your meal!

First step is buying a turkey. Buy a bird that is 13 lbs or less. A large smoked turkey will take too long to get out of the temperature danger zone (40 to 140 degrees F) when using lower smoking temperatures. We prefer Butterball turkeys because the breast meat has been deep basted to increase moisture and flavor. Butterball turkeys that are Fresh, not Frozen, are not basted. So we prefer the frozen ones because of this. Also, a frozen turkey can be bought well ahead of the time needed to cook, not so with fresh turkey.

After removing the neck and giblets from the bird, wash with cold water. Then use paper towels to dry the turkey skin. Drying the skin will help the olive oil coat evenly and this will make the smoked turkey’s skin more evenly colored when done. Now we can coat the turkey with the olive oil. Rub the olive oil into the skin and make sure to apply some inside the cavity of the bird.

At the store, you may pay anywhere from $3-$5 for a bushel or less of fresh herbs. With the purchase and help of an herb kit, you can bring the aroma of fresh taste right into your home. The initial cost may be more at first, but the benefits will last longer and you can’t beat the convenience. Plus there is an added bonus of knowing how those herbs have been cared for and being free from pesticides and preservatives.

Know the gender of your eggplant! There are both male and female eggplants, and it pays to know the difference. The seeds of an eggplant can be very bitter. A female eggplant’s seeds have a tendency to be more bitter than those of a male eggplant. You can identify a male eggplant by its base – it will be smooth and round, whereas the female base is more oval in shape and deeply indented.

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